Hasta shanti siempre

Yoga Habana leads travelers on unforgettable journeys that help provide a livelihood for Cuban yoga teachers, studios, and other small business. Through yoga, we can build bridges with a vibrant people and culture.

For Travelers

Open your eyes, heart, and mind.

Deepen your practice while discovering Cuba. It’s Yoga Habana’s mission to practice culturally conscious tourism and serve a community while enjoying and learning from it. While immersing yourself in Cuba’s energy and spirit, you’ll benefit small businesses by studying with Cuban yoga and dance teachers, staying at casas particularers, and eating at family-run paladares. By donating gently used supplies, you can help equip new yoga studios and community practice spaces. We can make memories and make a difference that last a lifetime.

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For Instructors

Curious about bringing a group to Cuba, but not so interested in all the legwork?

Yoga Habana will manage all planning, bookings, payment processing, and logistics for the perfect and personalized tour. You’ll be free to do and share what you love and give your students an unforgettable experience.

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Yoga Habana tours feature daily yoga and meditation, salsa classes, visits to street fairs and artists’ markets, and music around every corner.

Handcrafted. Intimate. Liberating.

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“It turns out traveling to Cuba, even as an American, isn’t the challenge I expected, especially when you’re in the capable hands of guides who know the ropes and terrain and handle all the details. Cuba is an amazing country with a rich history and so much to offer. Traveling there has a way of opening the mind, which makes yoga an excellent companion for the journey.”


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